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Ciara supports your investment team with real-time guidance and automated documentation in every sourcing call.

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Ciara - Ciara for Investment Teams

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Ciara for Investment Teams - Smart Templates

Equip your team with all the knowledge they need.

Ciara guides your team’s sourcing calls with its smart templates and aligns your messaging and overall deal management process.

Qualify investment opportunities
Ciara for Investment Teams - Capture all details

Capture all essential information.

Ciara automatically transcribes calls and instantaneously summarizes the key points of the conversation. Goodbye note-taking and manual documentation.

Capture deal insights
Ciara for Investement Teams - Increase Productivity
Ciara - Get Transparency

Increase deal sourcing productivity.

Ciara simplifies your team’s workflow with seamless integrations into your existing applications. Get rid of manual tasks and focus on conversations generating the best deal flow for you.

Speed up your deal sourcing workflow

Get transparency into deal progress.

Ciara captures call metrics which keeps everyone on track and provides detailed insights into deal healthiness.

Analyze your deal pipeline

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