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The Art of Conversation Playbook by Dionne Mischler.

Dionne is a 20-year sales veteran having built and scaled Inside Sales team from the ground up. She started her own firm, Inside Sales by Design, to work with companies wanting to build their Inside Sales Teams right the first time and transform their current Inside Sales Team into something greater.

In this playbook, Dionne provides you with the anatomy for a perfect sales call - from the call preparation to the post-call email. It provides the ideal basis for everyone kicking off their inside sales activities and sketching their first call scripts.

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The Challenger Playbook for Startups by Raul Porojan

The Challenger Playbook for Startups by Raul Porojan.

Raul is a lifelong sales professional. As both a freelancer and a sales & customer success specialist at venture capital firm Project A, he has helped hire and train dozens of high-growth startup sales teams.

Raul is a firm believer in the "Challenger" mindset. His Ciara playbook provides tech startups with an entry point into successful conversations that focus on truly uncovering customers' needs.

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Nice Girls DO get the Sale Playbook by Elinor Stutz_LP

Nice Girls DO get the Sale Playbook by Elinor Stutz.

Elinor broke through barriers long before doing so was popular. She defied the theme, "women can't sell" to become the top producer at every company she ever
worked all the while ignoring attempts to get her to quit.
She created Smooth Sale to teach teams how to develop a returning and referring clientele. 

Based on her international best-seller, "Nice Girls DO Get The Sale," Elinor's playbook provides excellent insights on how to close the deal and build strong relationships.


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The NOTE Playbook Dan McKinnon

The NOTE Playbook by Dan McKinnon.

Dan has 20 years of experience in B2B sales. As a sales leader, he has helped scale several high-growth software companies like CrossEngage and Synthesio. He currently serves as a Director and Advisory Board Member at Encircl LLC, a technology-driven marketing services provider.

Dan’s playbook is based on the NOTE framework. It differs from most other qualifying frameworks because it removes any and all focus from you, the seller. It’s all about the customer! Dan’s playbook is particularly useful for SDRs in software companies.

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The Pre-Sales Discovery Playbook by Jan-Erik Jank and Tim Brömme

The Pre-sales Discovery Playbook by Jan-Erik Jank and Tim Brömme.

Jan-Erik and Tim both are pre-sales professionals with 10+ years of experience. They have helped shape the sales processes at leading software companies such as Salesforce and SAP. Together, they founded the Sales Excellence Podcast, the leading podcast for B2B sales and pre-sales in German-speaking Europe.

Jan-Erik’s and Tim’s playbook is specialized for pre-sales processes, and includes actionable advice from the call preparation up to a post-call checklist. 

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The Business to Business Sales Playbook by Susan A. Enns_LP

Inside Sales Playbook by Susan A. Enns.

Susan A. Enns is a professional sales coach and author with B2BSalesConnections.com. She has a proven track record of sales excellence over her 30 plus year career, including consecutively being the top sales rep in Canada, managing the top sales branch, and achieving outstanding sales growth in a national channel sales organization. 

Susan's playbook equips you with the perfect guideline to qualifying potential prospects in four simple steps during your first call. This way, you will always have a pipeline full of high-quality leads.

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The Outbounding for SaaS Playbook by Adrian Kreitmair

The Outbounding for SaaS Playbook by Adrian Kreitmair.

Adrian is a long-time sales professional. He learned his trade at Salesforce, the market leader in Cloud CRM, and has helped build two international B2B startup sales teams. His motto: "Sales is teamwork, and teams win together.

Adrian is a believer in outbound sales. His Ciara playbook provides SMEs with a successful jumping point into sales conversations that generate new leads and build a valuable pipeline.

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