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Ciara is an AI meeting assistant that helps inside sales teams have more efficient customer meetings and stay on top of their deals.


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Enable real-time conversation guidance.

You can’t have a sales coach on every call. But you can have Ciara. Ciara helps navigate customer conversations by providing relevant talking points and battle cards live during meetings.

Get unique conversation insights.

Ciara provides you with unique conversation insights after every meeting. These include a transcript and recording, a meeting summary, and valuable conversation metrics. This ensures you never miss any important details and can make every meeting better than your last.

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Always stay on top of your sales pipeline.

Ciara provides a crystal-clear overview of every deal in your sales pipeline enriched with intelligence from your customer meetings. See all opportunities in your pipeline and where they stand at a glance, to identify at-risk deals and steer them towards success.

What customers love about Ciara.

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So, how does it work?
Glad you asked.

Ciara - Create your customized deal map

1. Create your customized deal map.

Deal maps are a digital visualization of your sales process. They show you the different stages and essential steps of your process.

Ciara - Create your first deal

2. Create your first deal.

Add as many deals, accounts, or opportunities to your Ciara account to link them to an individual deal map and track their process.

Ciara - Let Ciara listen to your customer meetings

3. Let Ciara listen to your customer meetings.

Either make a video call directly with the Ciara assistant or let Ciara record and transcribe yourself not matter what dialer or video conferencing tool you are using.

Ciara - See the magic happen

4. Watch the magic happen.

Ciara understands the context of your conversation and provides you with relevant information live in the call. Afterward, it summarizes the conversation and provides you with detailed call metrics and meeting insights.